A right guidance for every path that we think to walk on is mandatory because without right guidance the path that we would walk on would be full of hurdles. Medical Science is a line which is so vast that initially, we need the right knowledge to enter in Medical Science so let’s see some bullet points for the right guidance towards Medical Science.

Top Colleges:

Some countries like the United States and Canada where medical students complete their graduation before entering medical school and invest their eight or more years in giving education. Moreover, beyond the US and Canada, there are many other countries that treat medical school as an undergraduate program and only require five or six years of schooling where they take less time in giving the same education to students.

Career Prospects:

Basically, in most countries, it is not easy for students to become doctors in one country and practice in another. The following are your options after the MBBS degree:

With an MBBS degree, you can work at:

  • You can work in Government or private hospitals where the lifestyle is very different with a great amount of exposure.
  • You can work in Nursing homes/clinics/health departments by treating people even in remote locations where there are no big government or private hospitals.
  • You can work in the army, navy and air force medical services, under the Ministry of Defence where our country’s saviours need the best medical attention.

The positions you can work as include:

  • You can become General Practitioner, Physician
  • You can become General Surgeon
  • You can become Anaesthetist or Anaesthesiologists
  • You can become Psychiatrist


  • You have the best abilities in you and great service which is a great support to others.
  • You become the saviour of people.
  • You get excellent pay
  • You gain a good reputation amongst the crowd around you.
  • After Doing graduation in medical science you can also sell medical equipment online like what other medical agencies are doing after getting a valid licence.


  • You have late working hours and erratic shift timings which can sometimes irritate you and disturb your peace.
  • Dealing with immensely stressful situations on an ongoing basis which can sometimes lead you also to depression.
  • The long duration of the study

Guidance Solutions:

Career Counselling:

Univac has helped students achieve their dream careers through its guided and unbiased counselling. Their Expert Counsellors help students gain clarity on Courses, Careers, Colleges and Universities, Entrance Tests and S, scholarships along with guidance on their exam preparation and stress management, among other things.

Virtual Counselling:

Basically, in this age of everything digital, it is equally important to make good quality virtual counselling available for students. There are some virtual counselling services designed to overcome challenges like their student’s inhabitants, anytime access, and instant responses to their student queries.

In-Person Counselling:

Their counsellors visit their school to launch the program with their students and parents.

Seeing all these factors we understand the importance of right guidance in medical science and how complicated situations are for people who want to opt for medical science and the struggles they face in medical science and how they overcome them and become the future doctors who are our saviours.

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