Bluetooth Adapter Guide

Bluetooth stands for an extremely convenient wireless connection between devices. The modern short-range radio offers various possibilities to couple hardware of any kind without cables to transfer data. The standard is used in more and more devices.

If Bluetooth is missing, the transmission technology can be retrofitted with a Bluetooth adapter. The following guide explains which adapter variants are available and what to look out for when selecting one.

Connect comfortably without cables

Numerous smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, headsets, headphones, etc. are now equipped with radio technology. If this is not the case, a Bluetooth adapter can help. This upgrades the corresponding device to the fast transmission standard in order to establish a wireless connection.

Unlike WLAN, Bluetooth works anytime and anywhere. The range is up to 100 meters and the data rate up to 1 Mbit/s. As is usual with radio data transmission, walls made of reinforced concrete and metal objects also dampen the radio waves with Bluetooth, so that the range is reduced.

The smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. even become Internet-capable on the road thanks to Bluetooth adapters, because mobile Web access can be accessed. It is also now possible to exchange data between the devices.

Basically, the ease of use is significantly improved by the Bluetooth adapter. In addition, the desk and the living room, office or other room appear tidy and orderly.

Diverse areas of application of the Bluetooth adapter

With the universally applicable Bluetooth adapter completely different devices can be connected with one another. The most popular Bluetooth devices include headphones and headsets. With a Bluetooth-suitable loudspeaker and headphones, the transmitting and receiving devices no longer need to be in the same room thanks to Bluetooth.

In offices, however, a larger keyboard is often connected. It is also practical to use a computer mouse without any cables and instead via Bluetooth, because not everyone likes the touchpad of a notebook. A Bluetooth-capable printer is also useful because it avoids the cable on the floor, which is often a tripping hazard.

It quickly becomes clear that a Bluetooth adapter is a very useful gadget that can be used in many ways and is also available at a reasonable price. Music files or e-books can also be exchanged in this way at high speed without the need to set up a network.

The Bluetooth 4.0 receiver offers convenient, practical and functional ways to turn your headphones, headset, etc. into a wireless device quickly and easily. The adapter is well suited for home use, but also for the car. Thanks to A2DP support for all Bluetooth stereo devices, it has never been easier to enjoy wireless music anywhere.

In addition, the Bluetooth adapter offers the possibility not to miss a call. Two devices can be connected at the same time to either listen to music or make a phone call at the other moment. It is very easy to switch between the two devices.

The voice is transmitted clearly by the built-in microphone. The built-in rechargeable battery allows seven hours of music or phone calls to be transmitted. In standby, the battery lasts 200 hours.

Buying Bluetooth adapters – what should you look out for?

An important basis for the selection of an adapter is the manufacturer’s information about the system with which it can be used. It is important that the adapter is compatible with the computer’s operating system.

Not every model is suitable for Apple computers, for example, while the products can usually be combined with the Windows systems of previous years. Bluetooth 3.0 transmits data much faster, so that larger data packets can be transferred in less time.

Bluetooth version 4.0 is now available, with the greatest advantage being the power consumption. It is also important to set up password protection so that unauthorized persons cannot access the network via the Bluetooth adapter.


With the suitable Bluetooth adapter radio connection problems are solved in the twinkling of an eye. For the PC or a notebook should be paid attention to the indicated Bluetooth variant. The adapter should support Bluetooth 4.0 to be prepared for all eventualities.

These adapters are also well suited to replace the built-in Bluetooth chips of versions 1.1 and 2.0. Fast Bluetooth transmissions are only possible from version 2.0 on.

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