So, first, let’s start the topic by discussing what exactly is “Digital Marketing”?

Digital marketing is one of those new buzzwords that are in use recently. It comprises of all marketing efforts that promote your product or brand using electronic devices or the Internet; it leverages online marketing tactics. So, if you go with the definition of digital marketing is internet marketing.

So discussing the topic, Digital Marketing is sectioned into how many types? 

Digital Marketing is divided into 10 types: 

(1) SEO ( Search Engine Optimization):

 The most objective is to pull in clients to your website when they explore for items or administrations related to your commerce. SEO too upholds the requirement for user-friendly site important and locks in substance and validity for other websites and clients or guests to suggest you by connecting to your site. For more SEO related help you can check out https://www.jasonshaffer.net/ where you can find many valuable guides and free tips.

(2) SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

It is to cover both PPC & SEO work. Bringing traffic to your website via a search engine is not easy, so PPC and SEO work to look into traffic, on both means( paid &unpaid).

(3) PPC( Pay per click):

It is a form of advertising on Google and Bing. It’s a way to be at the top of the search engine results pages by paid way/means. Your ad account is charged whenever one of your advertisement is clicked, that’s why it’s called PPC.

(4) Social media marketing:

 Social media marketing is like working on marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Doing online business and you need to earn more customers, investing in Social media marketing helps to earn more customers and to grow followers

(5) Content Marketing:

Content Marketing works through posting blogs, videos, and images where you build up consumers that visit your site for content.

(6) Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is another form of marketing. Email marketing is an excellent way to reach your customers. You can interact with them after purchase.

(7) Influencer/ Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is essentially the monetization of the worldwide market. A person or marketer gets a commission in exchange for referring a product or service to another customer.

(8) Viral Marketing:

You want your content to go ” viral.” Content refers to videos, blogs, pictures. You want people to talk about you. Viral marketing saves your money and time. You can get massive brand awareness.

(9) Radio advertising:

It has a wide coverage. Even the less educated are covered under this media. It can convey messages even to small remote areas.

(10) Television & Mobile advertising:

Both audios, as well as visual aspects, can be created through television. Therefore, advertisers can create the best impact on the viewers. In the marketing world, mobile advertising is the way of the future. Mobile advertising has taken off in countries like Japan and Spain. 

So, there was all about digital marketing, and it’s types of digital marketing. The research of digital marketing is improving with the advancement of technology. Digital Marketing is a place where one can make a career without much effort; only patience is required to achieve the desired goal.

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