Matthew Christopher: The Age of Consequences

Open Lens Gallery
The Gershman Y
May 16 – August 31

Philadelphia, PA – Matthew Christopher, architectural photographer and founder of Abandoned America, presents a collection of recent works in a solo exhibition at The Gershman Y’s Open Lens Gallery. The exhibition entitled The Age of Consequences, curated by Olivia Antsis, opened Friday, May 16 and will run through the end of the summer.

For two centuries, our country’s remarkable and storied history has inspired photographers to artfully document and give meaning to the American experience. Matthew Christopher’s extensive portfolio of abandoned places and architectural relics brings to light a vision of America that time has forgotten and photography has begun to reclaim.

Through the iconic photography of Matthew Christopher, the history of who we once were as a nation is being retold in startling fashion. For the past decade, the narrative of our nation as expressed by Christopher has brought forth tragically beautiful and stunning depictions of an America that no longer exists. Viewers are unable to ignore the ramifications of Christopher’s world. With each image, viewers stare history dead in the eye. Viewers are expected to contemplate and reflect on how, individually and collectively, our actions and lack there of have impacted everything from current environmental devastation to the rise in school closings and modes of production moving overseas.

Like Robert Franks’ “The Americans,” Walker Evans’ Great Depression images of Ellie Mae Burroughs and Bethlehem Steel, and Edward Burtynsky’s “Manufactured Landscapes,” Christopher’s provocative images remind us of what gets left behind in the name of progress.